Being there for our clients at the time of a claim is probably the most important role our Adviser’s at BFrank Insurance can play. At times the claims process can be long and complex, but at BFrank Insurance we work closely with our clients and insurer partners to make this process as simple and efficient as possible for you – ensuring you are back in business or on the road sooner!

At BFrank, your adviser is there to guide our clients through the claims process. From lodgement of the claim, monitoring progress and negotiating with our insurer partners to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

BFrank: Our Claims Management Philosophy

  • Act fairly in the interests of our clients in the event of a claim

  • Assist our clients in the claim’s lodgement process through to finalization of the claim

  • Assist our clients to understand overly complex policy interpretations

  • Assist our clients to reduce the cost and the number of claims through effective risk management strategies

  • Provide 24-hour emergency claims assistance where required

In the event of the claim, we will:

  • Assist our clients in lodging claims and maintain communication every step of the way

  • Advocate and negotiate with an insurer on behalf of our client to ensure they receive their full entitlements

  • Arrange for loss assessor to be appointed where required

  • Arrange expert consultants including legal and accounting services where needed

  • Arrange access to risk management services to assist in prevention or mitigation against future loss